Ponsse launches a load tractor for Fire fighting equipment installed in the load compartment to extinguish wildfires.

“What would be the most in-natured way to advance to a wild fire area, if not a forest machine that moves smoothly in challenging terrain and has sufficient loading capacity and hydraulic capacity,” says Juha Haverinen, Product Manager of Tractors at Ponsse.” When asked about the possibility of developing the product together, the rescue department enthusiastically joined us because there was clearly a need for firefighting equipment among rescue professionals and our customers,” Juha continues.

Firefighting equipment is available for PONSSE Buffalo and PONSSE Elephant load tractor models. The loader requirement is minimum PONSSE K90+.  

On site when needed

The firefighting equipment is brought to the fire site as a single package, connected to the hydraulics of the forest machine and the equipment is ready for use. The 10 m³ water tank of the fire extinguishing equipment can be filled with its own pump from a natural water source or from a fire truck tank. The water cannon has a range of 47 meters and a range of 360°.

A carefully thought-out whole

  • Economic solution – a tractor can be in productive forestry work when there are no firefighting work.
  • A water tank that can withstand the use of various chemicals mixed with fire water and sea water and is light enough to load the forest machine.
  • Powerful pump for filling the water tank from a natural water source or from a fire truck tank.
  • The wireless remote control can be used to adjust the orientation of the water jet vertically and horizontally, as well as the shape of the shower.

The planning of firefighting work is always the responsibility of the local rescue services. The safety of the firefighting work is the responsibility of the trained rescue person. The rescue personnel uses the fire extinguishing equipment and instructs and guides the actions of the driver of the forestry tractor during the firefighting work.In the video, we’ll tell you how the firefighting equipment works. Video

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Fire extinguishing equipment complies with the requirements of the European Union Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Before escorting fire extinguishing equipment to markets outside the EU, it must be ensured that the equipment complies with local requirements and regulations.

Juha Haverinen, Ponsse Plc, Product Manager, Tractors,, tel.+358 40 839 8529.

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