Black Bruin unveils new X-series Rotators

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17th April 2024
Black Bruin

Black Bruin is extending its rotating shaft motor portfolio. The new X-series will meet market demand in various industrial applications, including recycling, marine and offshore, pulp and paper, construction, mining, and material handling. The X-series, with its patent-pending design, is engineered to enhance the performance of both new and existing machinery, especially in terms of durability, serviceability, and cost-effectiveness. The range currently available covers displacements from 2512 to 8800 cm3.

Black Bruin-Tradition meets innovation

The Black Bruin X-series represents the design principles of Black Bruin industrial motors in general, featuring the robust piston design with high-power capability and serviceability as well as the bearing design to handle extreme axial and radial loads. “Our experience of LSHT radial piston cam ring technology and its applications spans over 65 years. Since we introduced the rotating shaft S-series in 2014, these motors have been successfully used in a wide range of industrial applications

Kesla Oy


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Patent-pending Black Bruin design for enhanced performance and better serviceability

The Black Bruin X-series is characterized by a patent-pending construction in which the robust piston design and flow-optimized hydraulic fluid channels are innovatively applied in a compact frame size. This results in a more efficient hydraulic motor due to improved hydraulic fluid distribution with less pressure losses. The piston design allows the motor to operate trouble-free in various hydraulic systems and with a wide range of oil viscosities and cleanliness levels, thereby minimizing the risk of damage. Additionally, with replaceable and affordable wear parts, maintenance intervals can be extended, consequently reducing overall operating costs.

The motor features a bearing arrangement that fosters durability, ensuring smooth operation and an extended lifespan. The rugged front bearing handles both axial and radial loads, allowing the motor to be utilized in various applications with different load characteristics.

“We are confident that Black Bruin technology, combined with short and flexible lead times, will provide added value that OEMs, distributors, and MROs will appreciate,” Lehtikuusi concludes.

World premiere at IFAT Munich 2024

The Black Bruin X-series motors debut at IFAT Munich 2024, the world’s leading environmental technology exhibition, from May 13 to May 17. Attendees are invited to visit stand 119 in hall B5 to view the entire range of industrial hydraulic motors. Black Bruin has already introduced the X-series in specific markets and now welcomes pre-orders ahead of its worldwide release. For more information and technical details about the X-series motors, our team is ready to assist you at

Key features of the Black Bruin X-series

  • Shaft interface with nominal diameter of 140 mm (DIN 5480 female spline)
  • Mounting interfaces: 520 mm – 17xD22 or 560 mm –  21xD22
  • Dual work ports
  • Displacements: 2512 – 8800 cm3
  • Max. torque: 15,200 – 56,000 Nm
  • Max. power: 280 kW
  • Max. pressure: 400 bar
  • Max. rotating speed: 380 rpm (freewheeling 400 rpm)
  • Weight: 315 – 325 kg


  • Torque arm kits
  • Cross-port relief valve
  • Free circulating/-wheeling valve
  • Speed encoder

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