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Pm Trac Generation 38 – The innovative system tractor

With the presentation of the Pm Trac system tractor at the ZLF 2004 in Munich, Pfanzelt set standards. The development trend from the use of a tractor chassis from large-scale production to a completely in-house tractor chassis makes the Pm Trac unique. Among other things, the new, continuously variable and power-split variaDRIVE transmission – an in-house development for Pfanzelt forestry machines – offers new possibilities and contributes to the motto of the new generation of the Pm Trac: Versatility is its strength – working and operating comfort its virtue.

Thanks to its unique vehicle concept, the Pm Trac system tractor of the new generation 38 is optimised for combined use in agriculture, forestry and landscape conservation.

The core of the Pm Trac machine concept includes the centrally located large tractor cab and the central body space above the rear axle. The quick and flexible adaptation to different working conditions is based on the Pfanzelt system adapter (PPE).

  • Powerful engines with 205, 253 or 292 hp
  • Power-splitted, continuously variable variaDRIVE transmission up to 50 km/h (max. travel speed at reduced engine speed)
  • Hydraulic system with 160 l/min at 210 bar (optionally 200 l/min as well as additional power pack directly on the power take-off of the transmission)
  • New software and touchscreen operating terminals for machine control


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The areas of application of the Pm Trac


Long and short timber backs

For use with long and short timber backing, the rear body space, which is arranged directly above the rear axle, is used for the construction of the winch and the forestry crane. Depending on the area of application, a forwarding crane (low column) or a loading crane (high column) can be set up with a favourable centre of gravity.

The different types of cranes and the forestry winches can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily using the Pfanzelt system holder.

Versatility in the forest

In forestry, the Pm Trac is not only convincing in classic forwarding applications. In addition to being used with a forestry mulcher for land cultivation, the Pm Trac can also fully exploit its strengths with an energy wood felling grapple. When used with a felling unit or a mulching head on a forestry crane that requires higher hydraulic power, a powerful auxiliary hydraulics can be installed.

The use with a shredder is also part of the performance spectrum of the Pm Trac. In addition to forage harvesters with their own engine, forage harvesters driven by the tractor PTO can also be combined. The rear PTO of the Pm Trac is still accessible even with the crane and winch in place

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