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The new 2956G offers optimal horsepower and hydraulic capability.

Designed for logging contractors of all sizes, John Deere is excited to introduce the new 2956G. The 2956G crawler log loader is an ideal solution for customers looking for a machine that provides the best combination of engine horsepower and hydraulics capability, while maintaining a machine weight of less than 90,000 lbs.

“We are always listening to customer feedback to bring ideal solutions and technologies to the forestry industry,” said Jarvis de Groot, global product marketing manager, forestry swing machines, John Deere. “The new 2956G crawler log loader machine not only provides optimal power and hydraulic capabilities but is still easy to transport due to its excellent width and weight combination.”

Aimed to help ease transportation, the 2956G crawler log loader features an overall shipping width of less than 11’6” and a 90,000 lbs operating weight. As machine weights and widths increase, so do costs associated with transportation. The design on the 2956G not only helps simplify transportability, but also helps save on costs relating to transport due to its less restrictive transportation requirements. In addition, the new mounting of the log deflector adds additional strength to the right-front corner of the machine and the new, clean, and simple design of the hood profile, aligned with counterweight, helps to enhance debris shedding.

The 2956G crawler log loader machine features excellent engine power for a machine of this size. When combined, the engine power and hydraulic flow significantly boost loading capability, speed, and the capacity to run the Waratah 624. Also, customers looking to increase efficiency in roadside processing can expect improved productivity when running the Waratah 624 head as compared to the 2654G.

John Deere 2956G crawler log loader


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Visibility enhancements have also been prioritized in the design of the new 2956G. Enabling additional visibility to the right track, as well as reduce overall impact, the RH front corner log deflector has been strategically moved to the back on the machine. This improves operator visibility to avoid obstacles and impact, reducing potential damage and downtime. Lastly, a

rearview camera, light and JDLink antennas have been integrated into the counterweight for additional protection.

Offering ease of serviceability, the 2956G features strategic service access to the machine’s filters and checkpoints. With exceptional access to filters, maintenance points, and the cooling package, operators can stay up and running on the job for longer. These machines are also easy to inspect and change filters with wide open access, helping simplify daily inspections and routine maintenance.

To learn more about 2656G crawler log loader, as well as the full line-up of John Deere forestry solutions, contact an authorized John Deere dealer or visit www.JohnDeere.com/forestry.

John Deere 2956G crawler log loader

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