Intelligent Boom Control now on MH-Series

John Deere Introduces Intelligent Boom Control on 800 MH-Series Tracked Harvesters

What is Intelligent Boom Control?

  • Recently making its debut on the 900 MH-Series Tracked Harvester machines and now available on the 803MH, 853MH, and 858MH models, Intelligent Boom Control (IBC) technology is a boom tip guidance technology that improves consistent boom motion and speed throughout the harvesting envelope.
  • Operators can control the boom tip and attachment position directly with one joystick instead of each independent boom cylinder function.
  • The automation logic commands boom and jib functions simultaneously by monitoring special sensors in the boom cylinders.
  • This technology also helps the operator maintain constant boom speed during parallel motion at any boom reach.
  • IBC technology automatically adjusts swing speed and boom tip trajectory depending on working height, terrain, and work cycle requirements.

Intelligent Boom Control Benefits

  • IBC technology promotes a reduced learning curve for new operators by providing intuitive operator assistance.
  • The faster cycle times and more precise control require less finesse and hand-eye coordination for the operator.
  • Tree damage is greatly reduced, especially during thinning applications.
  • This technology also offers increased machine and attachment life by actively dampening all functions, protecting boom structure during operation.
  • IBC also provides precise positioning of cut stems for use in TimberMatic Maps.


  • 800 MH-Series Tracked Harvesters with Intelligent Boom Control technology are available for order now.


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John Deere Introduces Intelligent Boom Control on 800 MH-Series Tracked Harvesters

For more information about Intelligent Boom Control, please visit or contact your local dealer.

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