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Forestry facts and figures is a summary of forestry statistics for 2020 compiled by Forest Research on behalf of the forestry authorities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which includes details of the sources used and downloadable spreadsheets

We produce statistics on a wide range of topics related to forestry.

Our main statistics are published annually in Forestry Statistics and summarised in Forestry Facts and Figures

To access statistics released in the last 12 months, visit our recent publications page. Information on statistics due to be released in the next 12 months is available on our forthcoming releases page.

Alternatively, you can visit our statistics by topic pages to access our statistics or the National Forest Inventory (NFI) pages for further information on the NFI.

We comply with the Code of Practice for Statistics.  For further information on how we do this, visit our About our statistics pages.

Contact us

If you can’t find the statistics you need or have any other statistics-related queries, you can contact us at:

T: 0300 067 5238

Recent National Statistics and Official Statistics releases

Joint Forest Sector questionnaire: Final 2019 data

Published 22 October 2020

Timber Forecast questionnaire 2020: UK Forecasts

Published 22 October 2020

Forestry Statistics 2020 and Forestry Facts & Figures 2020

Published 24 September

Nursery survey: 2020 Edition

Published 10 September 2020

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