Upgraded Design For Komatsu C-heads

Komatsu C-heads

From June 1, the cutting unit on all Komatsu C-heads, Constant Cut, will receive an upgraded design. The upgrade contains no less than 25 points and represents a number of improvements for customers, both in terms of increased productivity and better flow in the production.

Constant Cut, our intelligent cutting unit, ensures that the head has a constant and efficient saw chain speed throughout the complete cutting cycle. This ensures efficient cutting and limits problems with cutting cracks. Now the cutting unit has undergone a major upgrade, which means that all Komatsu C-heads get a new, fresh Constant Cut with productive benefits. Below are some of the biggest new features. 

“It’s news that we believe our customers are happy to hear. The improvements come from customer feedback and we have implemented it in our development. In this way, it is an important team work where we together develop our products, in this case heads”, says Tobias Ettemo, Product manager for Harvesters and Heads.

Less unplanned stops

The chain tensioning of the Constant Cut function is improved, this reduces expensive downtime for the contractor. Another advantage of a better and smoother chain tensioning is that both chain and saw bar can be used longer.

The saw bar mount has a more robust design for increased service-life. The mechanics around these components have been optimised to ensure that the saw bar is more stable inside the saw box.

“Customers who have tested the new cutting unit feel that they get a straighter cut, and that the saw bar does not sway as much. Another advantage is that the chain lubrication has improved, as the oil is better steered into the lubrication groove and out to the bar. Better chain lubrication also extends the life of the saw bar,” explains Tobias Ettemo.

Better protection and stronger material

A new protective cover has been introduced for the auto-release feature, which protects the saw bar mount from sawdust and debris. This means that when changing the chain, the operator does not have to clean the saw bar mount and the saw bar clamp as often as before, thereby reducing downtime.

Several components of the cutting unit have been upgraded with a stronger and more durable material, which increases the service-life of the entire cutting unit.

The bearing between the swivel housing and the saw motor has a better fit to reduce unwanted movements, providing a more stable cutting unit and also less abrasion on the swivel seals. The material in the swivel seals has been replaced with one that is more flexible during movement and less sensitive to abrasion, which reduces the risk of oil leakage. The new swivel seals are also much easier to install as they do not damage as easily when installed. In addition, no special tool is needed to change them, which facilitates service in the field.

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