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Wood Processing for Forest Machine Magazine

Trees are a sustainable and renewable source of timber. Wood processing is a general term to describe the different types of methods to utilise wood. The timber can be used for construction, heating, producing electricity and fuel. Wood fibre is used for manufacturing clothing and some of the food that we eat.

Wood Processing

EGGER acquires minority stake in Thai Panel Plus

The EGGER Group takes a major step and strengthens its position in the growth market Asia. Sustainable international growth is

Driving Change: Electric sideloaders loading electric timber trucks

Two of the key issues facing the timber industry, decarbonisation and challenging market conditions, coalesce when considering logistics practices and

Downbeat economic timber market forecasts

Downbeat economic timber market forecasts shared at TDUK markets conference in London UK and international timber market traders gathered in

FAE BLO/EX Forestry mulcher for 2-4 tonne excavators

FAE introduces the new BL0/EX forestry mulcher for 2 to 4 ton excavators, bringing Bite Limiter technology to even the smallest excavators: The BL0/EX is

BSW Group takes strides to becoming Net Zero

BSW Group, is committed to becoming Net Zero BSW Group, which is committed to becoming Net Zero, has taken significant

Timberpak and Pearce Recycling Company Join Forces

Timberpak Ltd has announced a significant investment into Pearce Recycling Company Ltd, securing the relationship between two of the biggest

TreeToTextile develops new wood-based cellulose fibres

Swedish company TreeToTextile has developed wood-based cellulose fibres with all the benefits of existing fibres but at a fraction of

SENNEBOGEN 821 E material handlers

Tamilnadu Newsprint & Papers Ltd is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bagasse-based paper and packaging board of combo

Ai plays matchmaker at Sävar Sawmill

The industrial boom in northern Sweden continues at pace, with substantial investments taking place at Norra Skog’s Norra Timber sawmill

Woodworking company fined for dust exposure

A Norfolk woodworking company has been fined £25,000 for failing to control its employees’ exposure to wood dust. A Health

EGGER Group acquires Rauch chipboard plant

The EGGER Group continues its growth course and takes over the plant in Markt Bibart (DE). The purchase agreement was

Glasfryn Fencing and Sawmill

From Seed To Sawmill Glasfryn Fencing and Sawmill is situated just outside Llanaelhaearn on the edge of the Llyn Peninsula

Forest Machine Services Limited

Having an open day or demo tour has got to be the best way to get your products and services

SCA B700 project-next generation of sawmill

A digital representation of the complete sawmill workflow, large amounts of data and new automated processes. With its new grading

What makes milling a go to for so many people?

Well, Global Machinery Solutions Ltd believe it is the uncapped potential and versatility that quite literally allow dreams to become
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