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How to care for your Christmas Tree

Special fire safety precautions need to be taken when keeping a living tree in a home. As time goes by, fresh Christmas trees gradually lose moisture, which increases their flammability. A burning tree can rapidly fill a room

Downbeat economic timber market forecasts

Downbeat economic timber market forecasts shared at TDUK markets conference in London UK and international timber market traders gathered in strong numbers for Timber Development UK’s Global Market Conference in London on Wednesday at a time of difficult

High-severity wildfires threaten global timber production

Severe wildfires are putting global timber production at risk, new research from The Australian National University (ANU), the University of Sheffield and the University of Cambridge shows. The research team analysed data from 2001 to 2021 and found 18.5 to

Ground-breaking hydrogen combustion engine

MAN Engines presents ground-breaking hydrogen combustion engine for off-road applications In connection with sustainable drive solutions for agricultural machinery and off-road applications, MAN Engines presents the MAN H4576. This newly developed hydrogen combustion engine is based on the

High Spec 3A ULLT off to Long-Standing Happy Customer!

High Spec 3A ULLT off to Long-Standing Happy Customer! McCauley Trailers bid farewell to our latest 3A ULLT as it headed off with our valued repeat customer. We are proud of this high spec Ultra Low Loader and

Fossil-free™ steel will be a game-changer in heavy transport

SSAB and Scania have signed a letter of intent to decarbonize all steel deliveries from SSAB to Scania’s heavy-duty vehicles in 2030. Deliveries of SSABs Fossil-free™ steel is targeted to ramp up rapidly from smaller amounts starting in

Romanian Forestry: A Subjective Overview

To Gain a deeper understanding of the Romanian Forestry sector we must look back a few decades On December 22, 1989, Romania marked the end of the communist regime through a major revolution. From the period following World

FAE BLO/EX Forestry mulcher for 2-4 tonne excavators

FAE introduces the new BL0/EX forestry mulcher for 2 to 4 ton excavators, bringing Bite Limiter technology to even the smallest excavators: The BL0/EX is one of the smallest fixed-tooth mulchers on the market, capable of shredding light vegetation, shrubs, and trees up

New Danfoss H1F fixed displacement bent axis hydraulic motor

New Danfoss H1F fixed displacement bent axis hydraulic motor delivers up to 95% overall efficiency Danfoss Power Solutions, a leading global supplier of mobile and industrial hydraulics as well as electric powertrain systems, has launched its H1F fixed displacement

James Jones & Sons scoops two Timber Development UK Awards

James Jones & Sons Ltd won two of six awards in the first ever Timber Development UK Awards at an industry dinner last week. The Timber Development UK Awards have been created to recognise excellence displayed by both

For all the tea in Kenya: Eco Log has the answer

On a cold frosty winter’s morning in the forest, there is nothing better than looking forward to break time and opening your flask and pouring a steaming hot refreshing cup of tea. If someone asked where my tea

TMK’s Machinery Day 18/11/2023

TMK’s machinery day is just around the corner. They are celebrating the factory expansion which will see them double their production facilities. TMK’S MACHINERY DAY IS ONCE AGAIN HERE! We welcome everyone to see TMK’s new factory expansion


Woodscaping By Joe Rankin Dave Ireland has worked in the woods since he was a teen growing up in Howland. His dad and granddad were loggers. He started logging with a cable skidder full-time after graduating from high

Tomacharich Wood For Sale

A compact conifer and amenity woodland with a core of mature timber ready for felling in the Scottish Highlands. Spectacular location with far reaching views of Ben Nevis and the surrounding corries. Planted in 1981 with a conifer

Turning abandoned golf course into wildlife haven

First trees planted as charity tees up to turn abandoned golf course into wildlife haven School children are set to plant the first of 30,000 trees at Frodsham, Cheshire in an ambitious project to turn fairways into forest

BSW Group takes strides to becoming Net Zero

BSW Group, is committed to becoming Net Zero BSW Group, which is committed to becoming Net Zero, has taken significant steps in the last six months to reduce its reliance and usage of fossil fuels through the increased


Fourteen years ago, the Austrian machinery company Westtech Maschinenbau GmbH introduced the first felling grapple to the market. Technical finesse and in-house know-how led to a product series that sets new standards. But that’s not all! Just in time

New online learning tool helps businesses address work-related stress

New online learning tool helps businesses address work-related stress A “much needed” new online learning tool designed to prevent work-related stress has been launched. Businesses are encouraged to sign-up to the free-to-use interactive tool, designed by the Health

Sustainability and innovation in focus for Komatsu Forest

Developing sustainable solutions for forestry is high on the agenda at Komatsu Forest, where an important initiative is the brand-new development department Electrification. One month has passed since Stina Drotz stepped into the role of General Manager of

Enhancing habitats in Sweden with controlled burnings

Controlled burning is a forest management method where a selected part of a forest is burned intentionally to simulate natural forest fires. It’s an important way to enhance biodiversity, and as such, it’s also one of Stora Enso’s

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