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3rd May 2023


The new COMFORT DRIVE lateral top seat focuses on the operator and addresses their specific needs and requirements to handle a tough working day. The result is a customer-specific solution offering a well thought-out solution, with an all-round view and an ergonomic control layout to create a future-oriented workplace.

What are the concrete highlights of the new control system?

Comfortable suspended lateral topseat: The ergonomically shaped, comfortable lateral topseat made by GRAMMER – a high quality manufacturer – provides a secure hold and a direct view of the work area. On cold days, the heated seat guarantees a pleasant experience, while the horizontal and vertical suspension takes the load off the spine for fatigue-free crane operation.

Safe ascent & descent: The wide and slip-resistant ladder allows safe access to the COMFORT DRIVE, and the angled design enables entry to the steps from any parking position. Handles and handrails provide a permanent grip for safe ascent and descent.

Pilot control: Using the hydraulic pilot controls allows the crane to be operated sensitively, directly and smoothly. Controlling the stabilizer from the side seat enables safe operation thanks to the excellent overview. The load-sensing and dual-circuit hydraulic valves are neatly installed on the side seat. A smooth working day is therefore guaranteed and the new COMFORT DRIVE side seat is also a visual highlight. 

Protected from the wind and weather: Optional: The mechanically actuated operator protection hood offers enhanced safety and comfort. Durability is ensured by the robust and solid steel frame. The replaceable, tinted polycarbonate panels guarantee an unobstructed all-round view of the work area. The mechanically actuated operator protection hood can be safely manipulated from the ladder. In the parked position, the roof protects seat and control against dirt, wet and damage.

360° LED lighting: Optional: Seven floodlights outputting 3000 lumens each mounted on the side seat to completely illuminate 360° of the work area. Now working in the dark is not only more productive, safety has also been enhanced. The floodlights can also be switched on from the SAFE ASCENT & DESCENT truck.

We have previously taken enough time to test the new control system and also listened to the voice of the customer to be able to respond to individual needs.


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