Kesla increases nave drive options

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4th May 2023
nave drive

Kesla brings nave drive to the smallest tractor forest trailers

Kesla Oyj is a Finnish manufacturer of truck cranes, logging equipment as well as tractor-based forest technology and material handling equipment with long and traditional roots, especially as a manufacturer of tractor-based machinery, since the 1960s.

Now, the company is also launching a strong nave drive for the smallest forest trailers of 10 tonnes.

The KESLA 114 is the smallest trailer in the Kesla forest trailer range and has a load capacity of 10 tonnes. It was previously only available with a hydraulic roller drive (HD), the trailer
model is now available in both an H version (unpowered, with the option to retrofit HD) and an ND version (with nave drive).

The tyres of a nave-driven trailer can be fitted with chains.
ND means strong nave drive.

While HD is intended for occasional use and lighter traction
needs, ND is intended for longer, more demanding use. The traction motors of the KESLA 114ND trailer come on the rear wheels.

The 114ND trailer’s nave drive is designed with mid-size tractors in mind, and even 70 l/min at 190 bar gives good traction.

The drive system is linked to a differential gear lock, which is constantly on. The differential gear ensures the rotation of both wheels and ensures good traction.

The 114ND trailer has a maximum drive power of 1.6 tonnes and gives a maximum speed of 5 km/h.

For trailers with roller drive, the corresponding figures are 1.4 tonnes and 2 km/h.

The nave drive is controlled by the tractor’s hydraulics, but a drive valve for electric traction control will be available in the autumn.

The KESLA 114ND trailer has the 500/50R17 tyres and the high-traction rear tyres can also be fitted with chains.

In addition, the 114ND is available with a wide range of equip-
ment, including forwarder-type bunks.

The H model can be retrofitted with a roller drive.

Roller drive can be retrofitted to the H version. The H version is the most economical option, which also allows the 300-series loader (KESLA 305/T & 314/T, 6,9-8.7 m reach) to be mounted on the axle of the trailer.

The KESLA 114H and 114ND are now ready for sale.

KESLA 114 trailer
1. 114H: can be retrofitted with a roller drive

2. 114HD; roller-driven trailer

3. 114ND 2WD: nave-driven trailer

4. Load space area 2.4 m2

5. Load space volume: 7,7-8,9 stack-m3

6. Suitable loader: KESLA 202T, 203T, 204T, 305/T, 314


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