Kesla 875H: an all-new harvester crane


Kesla introduces an all-new harvester crane and publishes cooperation with Malwa Forest AB

Kesla, the leading independent manufacturer of harvester heads and forest machine cranes launches a completely new harvester crane KESLA 875H. The first serial-manufactured harvester equipped with this new crane is the all-new Malwa 980 harvester, which will be presented at Elmia Wood exhibition 2.-4.6.2022.

Ideal for thinning harvesters

The 875H is a parallel-acting crane dedicated for harvester use. Gross lifting torque of 72 kNm and reach of 7,6 m make the crane ideal for thinning harvesters in around 10 tons weight class. Maximum lifting capacity of 770 kg at full boom reach enables the crane to be paired with the KESLA 18RH-II or the all-new 19RH-III thinning heads, resulting a well-balanced powerhouse for thinning.

The Kesla 875H crane can be equipped with a fixed base or with 4-direction tilt. The outer boom is equipped with 1200 mm telescope. These features enable that the optimal geometry can be achieved in all conditions and any kind of base machines.

The design of the new crane has progressed not only together with the customers but also hand in hand with the renewal of Kesla’s manufacturing technology, and evolving automation has been taken into account in the design from the very beginning. The prototypes of the crane have been tested in long-term field tests for maximized reliability and durability.

New cooperation in the field of harvester cranes

“Strong partnering with our machine manufacturers is one of our core business areas. Kesla is the leading independent manufacturer of the harvester heads and practically the only who can offer also the compatible cranes with the heads. This makes us a superior industrial partner for machine manufacturers who want to focus on developing of their base machines and rely on the real expert in crane and harvester head technology”, says Mika Tahvanainen, Director of Logging Equipment Business at Kesla Oyj.

“Today I’m very happy to introduce Malwa Forest AB as one of our partners. Cooperation started already in the development stage, and discussion between our R&D departments has been very fruitful during the whole process. I feel very proud when looking at the result.”


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