At Eco Log they are proud to carry on the Gremo legacy as they welcome four smaller machine models in shining yellow tones to their existing range.

Only one of the Gremo models has been discontinued, the 1450F forwarder. EcoLog have their own forwarder in the 14 tonne load capacity class, the 574F which has been a popular forwarder with forestry contractors.

The 750F, 1050F and 1250F forwarders and the 1058H5 harvester are continuing as normal and the only difference is the new EcoLog colour scheme.

Since the information of the Merger went public, repeated questions have been asked about the looks of the machines, their names and which models will be part of the future range. However, as a customer, you can be assured that beneath the yellow surface the content will still be recognized regardless if your earlier experience comes from Eco Log or Gremo.

-Gremo machines have amazing qualities that we know are highly valued amongst the customers. Even if the machines will be named and look like Eco Log, it is very important to us that all customers feel confident in what they get and recognize the functionality they are used to. This goes for everyone, whether you are an existing or new customer or if you drive an Eco Log or a Gremo. Naturally, we will integrate Gremo Service and After-Sales in our existing organization to make sure customers of Gremo will still experience the same high up-time as before, says Mr. Anders Gustafson, CEO Eco Log.

Since Gremo’s smaller forwarders are now added to the existing Eco Log range, we will see a Machine Line-up consisting of forwarder models with a loading capacity from 8.5 to 20 tonnes. Also, the already-wide range of Eco Log harvesters will be complemented with a small, eight-wheeled harvester and, to Mr. Gustafson, this means an opportunity not only to increase the customers’ benefit but also to attract new customers going forward.

-Gremo forwarders and harvester make a perfect match to existing Eco Log Products. Naturally, we will maintain, nurture and develop their range in true Gremo spirit moving on. Due to the merger, we will be able to offer our customers one of the widest ranges on the market with forest machines in different sizes, capacity and with qualities to master the many and varied tasks of modern Forestry. We will still be the same, familiar Company but with an even higher ability to provide our customers with exactly what they ask for, says Mr. Anders Gustafson.

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