Sami Bowler at APF 2022

GB Lubricants is delighted to announce the appointment of transport industry trailblazer and racing driver Sami Bowler as its first official brand ambassador.

We caught up with Sami and the GB Lubricants team at the 22nd APF Exhibition at Ragley Hall in Alcester. As an inclusive and forward-thinking organisation, GB Lubricants prides itself on building strong and meaningful relationships within the lubricants sector both in the UK and overseas, the new role marks an extremely important milestone in the company’s 145-year history. 

Describing now as “the perfect time” to appoint Sami, Managing Director Paul Booth says her breadth of experience in heavy haulage transport and in motorsport empower her with the “knowledge and passion” that make her the perfect candidate for the post. “As we look for different ways to engage with lubricant users, Sami’s insights and views will help us better understand their interests, requirements and challenges.”

Honoured to be taking on this new position as GB Lubricants brand ambassador, Sami, who runs her own heavy haulage management and auditing business, is looking forward to showcasing GB Lubricants products in an official capacity. “Many of my clients have used GB Lubricants for a number of years due to the quality of their oils, lubricants and greases as well as their amazing customer service,” she says. “I send a list of my client’s vehicle registrations and machine specifications to the GB Lubricants technical team and I get information back detailing exactly what kind of oils and lubricants are required based on their specific needs and uses. This is why my clients and I have a lot of trust in GB Lubricants’ technical team.”

Designed to give drivers, fleet managers and mechanics peace of mind when it comes to maintaining their heavy goods vehicles, the GB Lubricants range of manufacturer-approved commercial vehicle (CV) oils, lubricants and greases are formulated to maximise vehicle performance, service life and reliability, as well as improve fuel economy and comply with the latest emissions legislation.

“I am legally responsible for transport operations within each company I work with and love helping them move towards being a fully compliant green operator,” explains Sami. “This involves downloading HGV tachographs, analysing the data, running reports, training and managing drivers, booking HGVs in for relevant inspections and MOT’s and making sure they are maintained to the highest standards – which includes recommending fit for purpose lubricants.”


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For Sami, whose business is one of the few female-founded enterprises in the transport and logistics sector, the GB Lubricants ambassadorial role is particularly significant because her mission is to steer more women towards careers in typically male-dominated industries such as commercial vehicle, heavy haulage, motorsport, and lubricants. “I have worked hard to be respected,” she says. “There are very few female role models so I hope this opportunity with GB Lubricants will help to encourage other women to join in. I want to help open doors for women, I love talking to industry leaders about the benefits of employing women, as well as young people.”

Working for a company that has seen a rise in the number of talented women moving into key roles over the last five years, Amanda Byrne, GB Lubricants Regional Sales Manager, hopes Sami’s appointment will inspire others to recognise their potential. “Being brilliant at what she does and being up there in the top ranks will make Sami an excellent brand ambassador for GB Lubricants, which prides itself on being an equal opportunities provider. We really look forward to her engaging with people within the lubricant, transport and motorsport sectors so that she can showcase the GB Lubricants name.”

Sami, who grew up working in the family heavy haulage business, T W Bowler, has a unique understanding of the transport and logistics industry, as well as how lubricants can and should be applied in different environments, so will be an asset to GB Lubricants as it continues to deliver oils, lubricants and greases that meet the evolving needs of a diverse client base. “With my vast experience in the commercial vehicle sector, I have a good awareness of what can cause certain component failures and using a high-quality lubricant is often key to preventing them; that’s why it’s so important.”

Sami is also a podium winning racing driver who competes in the 750 club behind the wheel of her 250bhp Mini Cooper S R56. “Lubricants are tested to their upper most limit in a competitive environment and I love to talk about the challenges that can arise because of it,” explains Sami, “With racing, the car has to be 100% mechanically sound, which involves checking each component after every race session and replacing any parts that are showing signs of wear to prevent damage or failure. Having a competitive personality I push my race car to the absolute limit in all weather conditions, so trusting that the Mini is being protected in a high-risk situation is really important – with the right lubricants I can guarantee the car will operate at its peak.” She excitedly adds “I’m honest and relatable so I will only endorse something if I use and believe in it. I am really looking forward to working with GB Lubricants and building a strong partnership together”

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