HL20-1 6WD Highlander

The HL20-1 6WD Highlander from Konrad Forsttechnik is a versatile machine that excels on steep ground. It is basically a clam bunk skidder with a harvesting head attached to the crane. It can fell, extract, process and then stack the timber at roadside.

The Highlander uses Konrad’s own Woody harvesting head which has a unique design. The feed rollers fold back and out of the way, allowing the de-limbing knives to be used as a grapple for sorting and stacking roundwood. The crane is mounted to the rear of the cabin for a completely unobstructed view with continuous rotation for a 360° working area around the Highlander. Crane hoses are routed internally through the dipper and extension boom keeping them out of harm’s way. Konrad manufacture their own rotator with internal hoses so that the rotation of the harvesting head is endless in either direction.

The HL20-1 is designed to work with medium to large tree sizes and has balanced weight distribution resulting in optimized ground pressure which offers excellent ground protection even on soft grounds. The off-road capability is unique thanks to telescopic extension feet, automatic level compensation and the portal tandem axle. For steeper working there is the safety option of a 12-tonne synchronised integrated traction winch.

Export sales manager, Franz Buchsbaum, was at the Interforst exhibition in July. I managed to catch up with him so he could explain a bit more about the new timber carrier attachment, which is available for this model of Highlander. “We were looking for an economical solution for removing the wood from the forest in areas where it isn’t possible to extract the full tree lengths with a clam bunk” explained Franz “and having another forwarder on site wasn’t an affordable option for many of our customers.

“Using a forwarder trailer would greatly reduce the manoeuvrability of the highlander and the trailer would be unstable when loaded on steep terrain. We decided that using a timber bunk which could be attached directly onto the Highlander’s chassis was our best solution to this problem.

“The bunk has two extra non driven wheels so that soil disturbance is kept to a minimum, the extra wheels can be raised off the ground when travelling empty to reduce drag. The bunk is on a rotating turntable so that you can put it in line with the direction of felling for easier loading of logs as they are being processed, this speeds up production as the logs are harvested straight into the bunk. No loading is needed and for steep ground the timber bunk can be rotated so that it is at a 90° angle to the slope which prevents the worry of any logs sliding off.

“The bunk can carry a full 10m³ of 4m logs and with this is a great solution for difficult areas as the one vehicle has done all the work in one pass.

“We have a quick change over system for the extra wheels and bunk so that it can be changed back to a standard Highlander clam bunk skidder very easily.”

This looked a useful addition to the Highlander and a great solution for a one person, one machine operation, on final thinnings, clearing up windblown or hanging trees on difficult ground conditions.


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  • Powerful crane.
  • Safe & ergonomic cabin with panoramic views.
  • Patented step-drive-movement with enormous driving power.
  • Additional controlled rear axle for speed mobility.
  • Crab steering.
  • Articulated steering
  • Endless rotation system cabin/crane/harvester.


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  1. Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

    ich benötige im Zusammenhang mit einem Schaden den aktuellen Listenpreis fir eine Highlander HL20-1 6WG
    Vielen Dank.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Norbert Huhn

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