Cranab FC4 Crane

Cranab has developed an all-new crane for Vimek Next Generation. The crane has been developed to be the perfect match for the new forwarder and has already received very positive feedback from users.

“It’s great to be able to kick off our new generation of machines with this new crane model as standard. The older models are getting a bit long in the tooth now and do not really offer the crane experience we were looking for”, says Johannes Nilsson, CEO Vimek.

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The crane’s characteristics and geometry are similar to Cranab’s larger, more modern cranes, but the FC4 is a more compact design, specially developed for Vimek Next Generation.

“We have worked on developing a good crane solution for Vimek’s new forwarders for some time. We try to collaborate with companies within the Cranab Group as much as possible, and it is fantastic that Cranab will be a supplier to a sister company with the introduction of of the new crane on Vimek’s forwarders”, says Anders Strömgren, CEO of Cranab.

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