Pfanzelt’s New Exhibition Hall and Test Track


Pfanzelt Maschinenbau GmbH has opened a new exhibition hall and test track at their plant in Rettenbach in the Allgäu region of Germany.

For over a year no fairs and events have been able to take place due to the Corona pandemic.

In November 2020, a new exhibition hall and a test track at the Pfanzelt plant in Rettenbach am Auerberg was constructed for our customers and other interested parties to come and see our machines and have the opportunity to to try them out for themselves on our newly constructed test track

Your information possibilities in the context of a consultation

  • Forestry Machines Exhibition
  • Test course
  • Tour

Highlights in the test centre

  • Different wood assortments and heavy wood
  • Crane operation under real conditions with different crane types and controls
  • Various machines and tractor sizes
  • Trailer drives in comparison (difference uniDRIVE and powerDRIVE)
  • Obstacle rides in combination with bogie axle and steering drawbar
The Pfanzelt Test Track

Visit’s can only be arranged via online registration

The new Forest Technology Exhibition Hall and the Test Site have been open from Monday to Saturday since 1 December 2020. Due to the current situation, the visit is only possible by prior online registration. As part of the online registration you can choose an individual appointment and book it directly.

Pfanzelt Maschinenbau was founded in 1991 by the owner Paul Pfanzelt and was initially focused on the production and installation of geared cable winches for 3-point, quick-fit and fixed attachment to tractors as well as chain winches. Right from the start, the company has stood for innovation, cost efficiency and safety in the forestry industry.

With continuously growing production volumes for cable winches, the product range of Pfanzelt Maschinenbau was expanded to include a second category in 1996 – the professional forwarding trailers.

After numerous extensions to the production and administrative buildings, production of the Felix forwarder started in 2001.

In 2002, this was followed by start of production of the Pm loading crane and then in 2005 the launch of the Pm Trac multipurpose tractor.

Not content to rest on its laurels, Pfanzelt has continued to unveil new innovations in the years after 2005, for example in 2010 with the S-line series of geared cable winches and forwarding trailers. 

Uncompromising performance, optimised for the heaviest of missions, this is what the logLINE series of winches and forwarding trailers introduced in 2015 promises.

Equipment displayed in the Exhibition Hall

In 2016, Pfanzelt celebrated its 25th anniversary with a big celebration. Most recently, Pfanzelt introduced the new Moritz mini felling tractor and, in 2017, the new series of the Felix special forestry tractor with a new power train.

Today, we regard ourselves as a forge for new ideas that attaches great importance to close contact with our customers. After all, many of our innovations are the direct result of requirements, suggestions and wishes from our customers.

With our machines, we constantly pursue the goal of providing solutions that make everyday work as simple and cost effective as possible.

We now over the most extensive “Made in Germany” range of forestry implements – from the 3-point winch for private foresters to the Felix specialist forestry tractor for the professional.

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