Lug Size Matters, Solid All-Terrain Skid Steer Tires

ByForest Machine Magazine

5th May 2022
Lug Size Matters, Solid All-Terrain Skid Steer Tires

Lug Size Matters, Solid All-Terrain Skid Steer Tires

Evolution Wheel is known as a leader in manufacturing top-quality, severe-duty skid steer tires. Located in Winnipeg, the company specialize in severe-duty airless/solid tires using the highest-quality materials to guarantee premium tires you can trust.

The EWRS-AT series solid skid steer tire is made for severe duty, all-terrain applications. This tire is designed for skid steer operators working in off-road conditions requiring reliable tires with incredible traction.

Evolution Wheel knows how frustrating flat tires and machine downtime can be on the job site. So, they developed a tire specifically to tackle these issues.

Evolution Wheel takes the research and development stage seriously. Their products are put through rigorous testing, to make sure they produce the best tire for the job. The EWRS-AT series is engineered for severe duty applications where longevity, traction, and reliability are the biggest concerns. To do this, they investigated optimizing the tread design.

Skid steer tires often have a wear bar in the centre of the tread that provides stability to the small lugs. The problem is that a tire’s wear bar significantly reduces traction when the tire reaches 25%-50% of its life. Evolution Wheel saw this and increased the lugs on the EWRS-AT to 2.5” width and 52/32”wearable tread depth.

Increasing the lug’s width and height enables them to eliminate the need for a centre wear bar and increase longevity. In addition to a longer life span, it allows for more space between the lugs for better cleanout and traction.

Along with the superior tread design, Evolution Wheel wanted to make sure that the EWRS-AT provided a smooth ride.

They achieved this by incorporating core geometry in the rubber. Core geometry refers to the apertures in the rubber that allow the rubber to flex. The unique geometry of these apertures allows the tire to compress like a pneumatic without the bounce they often have. This makes the tire much more stable when carrying loads.

One of Evolution Wheels’ biggest features on their tires is that they are segmented. The tire segments are bolted onto the rims allowing the operator to easily service the tire. On the off chance, a lug is damaged, the operator can remove that segment and attach another with only a wrench in their back pocket. This will minimize downtime on the job site.


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Solid All-Terrain Skid Steer Tires
Traction is a big issue when it comes to skid steer tires. Many tires have small lugs that wear fast and have poor traction. We built the EWRS-AT to have the largest lugs in the game. This allowed us to increase the void space between the lugs as well as get rid of the wear bar. Lengthening wear life and increasing traction.
Solid All-Terrain Skid Steer Tires
Another unique feature is that the EWRS-AT is serviceable. These tires are composed of individual segments that attach to a steel rim, so the operator can change out segments with just a wrench. Drastically reducing downtime on the job site.

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