TMC Cancela ‘fine finish’ Forestry Mulcher

A tractor-mounted TMC Cancela ‘fine finish’ forestry mulcher ready for woodland re-planting or sowing to other crops as part of a land regeneration project will be a feature of the Spaldings stand at the LAMMA show, 11/12 January, 2022, NEC, Birmingham (

The TMC Cancela MPK-225 is one of an extensive range of heavy-duty mulchers for tractors, specialist vehicles and excavator supplied throughout the UK and Ireland by Spaldings.

It has a working width of 2.25m (a 2.50m version is also available), operates on the rear three-point linkage of a 220-300hp tractor, and has 58 rigidly-mounted hammers arranged in a helix pattern.

Each hammer has a single carbide tip that shreds residue against six rows of replaceable counter knives and incorporates the resulting mulched material into finely tilled topsoil.

Unlike other machines in the extensive range of tractor, skid-steer loader and excavator-mounted mulchers from TMC Cancela, the MPK has a two-speed gearbox, providing a slower rotor speed for shredding and incorporation, and a faster speed for grinding away tree stumps up to 450mm diameter.

Another feature unique to this model is a steel finishing roller equipped with six serrated traction rings and mounted on hydraulic cylinders to regulate the working depth and lift the roller out of work when not required.

The combination of an intensive-action mulching rotor, consistent working depth, the adjustable hood and rear-mounted roller leaves a fine, level and consolidated surface largely free of trash ready for replanting trees or sowing to a different crop.

Other features of the MPK mulcher include heavy-duty power transmission to both ends of the 632mm diameter rotor by Gates fibre-reinforced Poly Chain GT Carbon positive-drive belts.

It also has TMC Cancela’s patented mechanism for keeping the pto shaft at the correct angle at all times for reliable power delivery; it comprises a pivoting gearbox and a hydraulic top link with parallel linkage. Like other models in the range, strategic use of Swedish Steel’s Strenx high-strength plate for structural components and hard-wearing Hardox steel for components subject to wear provides a combination of durability, structural integrity and easily replaced soil-engaging parts such as the side skids.

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About Spaldings

Spaldings Forestry is a division of Spaldings Ltd and is the UK and Ireland exclusive supplier of TMC Cancela, a leading manufacturer of agricultural, forestry and hydraulic machinery specialising in the process of mulching and ground clearance.

Spaldings Ltd is the UK’s leading aftermarket solutions provider offering a comprehensive range of products and services to over 30,000 customers in the UK and Ireland providing businesses, contractors and estates an efficient direct purchase service supported by customer services, in-house technicians, regional field sales specialists and independent service agents. With a strong reputation for quality and innovation, Spaldings is constantly striving to help customers save time and money, providing durable, high-performance parts and machinery, and always looking to develop and source products that will meet the demands of customers. Spaldings Ltd is part of the Marubeni Group of companies.

About TMC Cancela

The main facilities of TMC Cancela are based in Tordoia in Galicia, the heavily forested north-west of Spain, where it has accumulated many years’ experience producing heavy-duty mulching machinery for forestry, as well as lighter mulchers for agricultural crop residues, central and offset flail verge mowers, and grass flail mowers in rear- and front-mounted configurations including triples.

TMC Cancela is a privately-owned company with quality design and engineering at its core; it exports more than 2000 machines a year to over 30 countries.

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