Tubex to demonstrate the future of tree protection at APF 2022

Tubex to demonstrate the future of tree protection at APF 2022

Tubex, which is sponsoring the show, will be showcasing its sustainable tree protection solutions including Tubex Nature, a bio-based and biodegradable tree shelter ideal for planting in difficult to reach locations or where post-use collection is unfeasible.

A visual demonstration of Tubex’s successful Collection and Recycling Programme, from recycling to reprocessing into finished products, will be a central feature of the stand.

Accompanying this, Tubex will also be holding a competition at its stand, with winners receiving a number of tree shelters for their own use. Tubex will then make a matched donation of shelters to a relevant charity.

Advocating for best practice in planting and tree protection will also be a focus, underlining the importance of using ‘the right tree, with the right shelter in the right place.’     

“We’re delighted to have another opportunity at APF to continue our open conversations with the tree planting and forestry sector,” said James Taylor, Head of Marketing and Product Development at Tubex.

“Tubex Nature and our Collection and Recycling Programme are key components to our sustainability strategy and a response to the conversation around the role of plastic in forestry,” he concluded.

The APF Exhibition, held in Warwickshire, is the UK’s largest timber, fencing and biomass show, attracting forestry and tree care professionals from across Europe and beyond. This year is also expected to see an increasing interest from the traditional agriculture sector following recent government incentives for farmers.

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About Tubex

Tubex is a creator, innovator and industry pioneer in tree shelter solutions worldwide. Tubex’s shelters provide an improved micro-climate for growth, assisting with the establishment of stronger roots and leading to higher survival rates. Tubex was established in the 1970s as a specialist plastic extruder, with its first tree shelters produced in the early 1980s. Tubex quickly became the most popular on the market, selling well in both the UK and overseas.


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