FARMA LF8-first photos of their new eight-tonne, eight wheel drive forwarder which is a tribute to Leif Fors

Leif Fors was the founder of Fors MW and father of FARMA.

Back in 2011 he started the development work of the 8-ton FARMA LF8 forwarder as he saw an opening in the market for a low impact thinning forwarder

Being an entrepreneur, many of the parts for the prototype were sourced from older tried and tested machines and many discussions were held with designers to bring his ideas to fruition.

Unfortunately, as the project started to make good headway Leif was diagnosed with cancer which halted progress on the project. Lief succumbed to his illness and sadly passed away in the spring of 2015.

The idea was shelved but not forgotten util two years ago when the idea was resurrected under a cloud of secrecy. Work on the FARMA LF8 8 wheel drive thinning forwarder restarted and the finished product will be officially launched this September at a press event at FORS MW headquarters in Estonia.

This groundbreaking thinning forwarder boasts a 1:1 Load Index- this means that the forwarders tare weight and payload are the same It has an 8 tonne load capacity and also has an 8m reach crane.

It is a low impact forwarder with a very light footprint and with 600mm tyres it is just 2.2m wide. It also boasts a comfortable and spacious cabin- the roomiest in its class.

Leif’s daughter, Ulrica Fors-Stenmarck, is the current CEO of FORS MW and is delighted with the results.

The FARMA LF8 (the LF stands for Leif Fors) looks to be a good solution for thinnings. It is narrow for working tightly spaced crops, agile for weaving around trees in selective thinnings, light footed for extracting on soft ground conditions and has an impressive load capacity.


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