New lower delimbing knife unit

To ensure the quality of the delimbing knives and extend the life of your Log Max head, the lower delimbing knife unit has been replaced at 3000T.
The upgrade kit has serial number 034586. Log Max is now offering this kit free of charge for customers that own a Log Max 3000T, just follow the instructions below.

The new delimbing knife units consist: 

  • New lower delimbing knife (10000303). The new delimbing knife is backward compatible and replaces the existing delimbing knife (041017).
  • New steel bushings (512084) which are fitted in the delimbing knife and in the frame.
  • New hydraulic cylinder Ø50/32-130 (019005) which replaces hydraulic cylinder (017536) and has a reinforced tube end which also is made of new material.
  • New pin Ø28/20 (10000362). 

The new lower delimbing knife unit has been introduced into production from serial number 135055.

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The components mentioned above are included in the upgrade kit 034586, and Log Max is offering this kit free of charge for customers that own a Log Max 3000T.

The campaign is valid until the 28th of February 2022. To receive a new kit, you must make a warranty claim for 034586 through the responsible dealer. You must add the serial number of the head when making the warranty claim.

ATTENTION: To receive the kit free of charge, the customer must make a warranty claim, and it will not be possible to order it at the spare parts department at Log Max. Go to claims or contact your local dealer for more help.

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