New generation of sorting grabs and multi-grabs from Rototilt promising even greater power and durability

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19th September 2023
New generation of sorting grabs and multi-grabs from Rototilt promising even greater power and durability

Rototilt is continuing its latest series of product launches with a new generation of sorting grabs and multi-grabs. “This is one of the most popular products in our work tool range. Through continuous product development, we will ensure that this remains the case,” says Product Manager Sven-Roger Ekström

Rototilt Group has a strong tradition of innovation and product development, and is creating new areas of use for excavators through tiltrotators, machine couplers and original tools. They are now expanding their range of work tools with a new generation of grabs, more specifically sorting grabs and multi-grabs for mid-range excavators. A new design and a new cylinder are two of the main features of the new models. According to Sven-Roger Ekström, Product Manager at Rototilt, this has made the grabs even more powerful than their predecessors in the same weight class.

“Grabs under a tiltrotator are subjected to high loads at many different angles, so it is important for them to be sufficiently strong and durable. Improving this has been our main goal with this new generation. The enclosing design of the multi-grabs offers an extra lifting point, which makes it easier to handle objects such as stones and rocks. The sorting grabs have reversible steel tips and close tip-to-tip. Users in our field tests have noticed a considerable difference in grab force compared to previous models thanks to the powerful cylinder,” says Sven-Roger.

An ongoing theme for the new grabs is durability. One new feature is the fact that the load-holding valve is integrated in the cylinder, which also makes the design more compact and provides the valve with greater protection against external wear. They also have double parallel braces and a large angled bottom plate that protects the grab, as well as expander pins for rapid adjustments.

“The design minimises the risk of damage over time. When we also add end-position stops and end-position damping, the work tool is even better protected against damage. The combination of the grabs and our AFT ST tool attachment frame also make it easier for the grab to rotate and tilt level with the tiltrotator. Our work tools are always optimised for use under a tiltrotator, and this is a perfect example of this,” explains Sven-Roger.

The new grabs from Rototilt are also compatible with the Open-S standard, which means that users are free to combine products from a wide range of manufacturers.

“The choice of machine coupler, tiltrotator or work tool should always be up to the machine owner or driver. If you already have products from another manufacturer connected to Open-S, our grabs will work well with your system,” says Sven-Roger.

Sales of the new grabs are already under way, and the first deliveries are expected to arrive in early autumn 2023.


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