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Westtech Woodcracker tree shears used for difficult tree removal require reliable partners – like the company “Ihr Baumprofi”

Westtech Woodcraker Tree care – tree removal – garden and landscaping – storm damage cleanup – all of this is offered by the company “Ihr Baumprofi”. The company relies on Westtech and the Woodcracker® as strong and reliable partners. The company owner, Josef Höllinger, already owns several Woodcracker® machines: a Woodcracker® CL260 tree shear, a Woodcracker® L700 splitting tongs, two Woodcracker® CS750 smart grip saws, and two articulated grip saws Woodcracker® CS510 crane.

Josef Höllinger has been working as a “tree professional” since 2006. It started very traditionally with a chainsaw, and later the work was done with the help of a lift. With the increasing number of orders, the demands on the machines and the employees also increased. For this reason, in 2019, a grip saw, then the predecessor of the Woodcracker® CS750 smart, the Woodcracker® CS580 smart, was purchased for attachment to telescopic loaders. It quickly became clear to Josef Höllinger that this machine combination is a game-changer! This felling technique makes problem tree fellings safer and more efficient.

This grip saw was specifically designed for attachment to telehandlers and for safety tree fellings. It has a strong gripper that securely holds the cut material during the cutting process. This allows for a controlled gripping, cutting, and unloading process. Attached to the carrier vehicle of the Magni brand, it enables tree removal between houses and in settlements, next to power poles and highways, without causing damage to the surrounding buildings or, for example, power poles. The true centerpiece of this machine is the saw box. It was designed with special technical finesse. The saw chain is always kept at the correct tension thanks to the automatic chain tensioner, regardless of whether the machine is just starting up or has been running for several hours. This prevents the work process from being interrupted by a jumping chain. The entire saw box is suspended and spring-loaded, which allows it to be tilted and prevents the saw blade from bending under force. Another special function is the grease lubrication of the saw chain. Compared to oil lubrication, grease lubrication does not cause oil mist, which leads to contamination of the driver’s cab, especially the windshield. Additionally, the grease remains on the chain longer, making it more economical and long-lasting.

In the meantime, other Woodcracker® machines have also been added to the machinery fleet of the company “Ihr Baumprofi”:

Woodcracker® CL260 tree shear attached to an excavator, a Woodcracker® L700 splitting tongs attached to a forwarder, two Woodcracker® CS750 smart grip saws, and two articulated grip saws Woodcracker® CS510 crane.

One of the articulated grip saws is attached to a truck with a crane. This felling truck is also used for safety tree fellings, as it allows for the removal of partial sections of the tree while it is still standing. This option ensures the safety of surrounding buildings or passing vehicles.

This felling crane is in almost daily use during the season at “Ihr Baumprofi” and has far exceeded expectations.

The possible areas of application for the truck with the articulated gripper saw are widely varied. Josef Höllinger likes to use the Woodcracker® CS510 crane for crown maintenance to prevent windbreak. The machine is ideal for this purpose as it is more maneuverable and smaller than, for example, the Woodcracker® CS750 smart. Other areas of application for the felling truck include the processing of storm damage, beaver damage, and traffic safety measures.

Despite its low weight of only 370kg, the articulated gripper saw can cut up to 540mm and has a gripping opening of 1270mm. The machine is equipped with a strong 3-finger gripper. It is available with several options, such as a rotator, rotator with double pendulum brake, autotilt, or quick coupler.

The Woodcracker® CS510 crane can be attached to various carrier vehicles, offering a wide range of applications. It is even possible to attach the CS510 crane with a jib to a telehandler, as Josef Höllinger does. This allows for a lateral reach of up to 25m.

“The Woodcracker®, especially the felling crane and the felling truck, are indispensable in our daily work and bring many advantages to ‘Ihr Baumprofi’!” Josef Höllinger is convinced. “The latest technology combined with the high quality that Westtech offers with the Woodcrackers® ultimately convinced us to become loyal customers and remain so until today!”


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