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Tamtron, One Timber Crane Scale

LOAD ACCURATELY EVERY TIME ONE TIMBER SG Developed together with Finnish timber drivers, the new generation Tamtron One Timber wireless horizontal system will take development to a new level. Eliminate overload fines, underloads and unnecessary driving to weighing

Spruce Bark Beetle late summer infestation

A late summer swarming caused a widespread Spruce bark beetle outbreak in Europe and there is a significant increase in damage. An inventory in late October shows a 25% increase in the volume of damaged forest compared with

PONSSE Fire Extinguishing Equipment

Ponsse launches a load tractor for Fire fighting equipment installed in the load compartment to extinguish wildfires. “What would be the most in-natured way to advance to a wild fire area, if not a forest machine that moves

Ponsse H8, A head in the Highlands

Although the Ponsse H8 harvesting head is often seen on Ergo and Bear harvester bases, the head is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with on track based harvesters in the 20-30 tonne class. Depending on the

TreeCard. That Wood do Nicely, Thank You

Now you can plant trees with every single payment you make thanks to a new debit card called TreeCard. Backed by Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, TreeCard is the world’s first wooden debit card –and it

Mental Health

When you can’t see the wood for the trees Andysmanclub is for any man who is going through a storm, been through a storm or just wants to come along and meet a good group of people with

First Ever Photos of the new Bijol skidder

 Exclusive preview for Forest Machine Magazine from Bijol The new model of skidder from Bijol is called the BWS 240 4×4. It has hydrostatic drive a NAF gearbox and automatic differential locks on the DANA Axles. The engine

Penny Hydraulics, Taking the Weight Off

Penny Hydraulics Launch New Vehicle Lift. Staff shortages are a pain point for businesses, especially in supply chains, where absences through injury or delays from inefficiencies can cause serious issues and cost thousands. Penny Hydraulics, the UK’s leading

HAIX Launches Evolution of forestry boot

Evolution of trusted forestry boot, Protector Forest 2.0 Few work environments present such a variation of potential hazards as the forestry, arboriculture and outdoor work sectors. From extreme weather to difficult underfoot terrain, working with cutting tools to

Billions of new trees found

Ground breaking mapping discovers billions of new trees Scientists from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, and international collaborators demonstrated a new method for mapping the location and size of trees growing outside of forests, discovering

New Malwa 560 4.0 Best in class

A new machine generation in the Malwa 560-series is being launched, the 560.4. The most notable difference compared to previous models is that the 560.4, with it´s new 2,8 litres CAT-engine, meets the demands according to Euro 5/Stage-V.

Strong UK market recovery for timber imports

A UK Timber Trade Federation (TTF) report revealed total import volumes for main timber and panel products were approximately 1% below July 2019 levels, with 866,000m3 arriving in the UK. The one percent difference in volumes between the

Best of British special feature

Aerial photo of James Jones & Sons Saw mill at Lockerbie Our Best of British feature is dedicated to all the people and companies from the UK and overseas that help to keep the wheels of British forestry

Timber Transport partnership funding to benefit communities

(Photo: Credit: Creel Consulting Ltd/JST Services. For illustration purposes: a floating timber pier similar to this one at Ardcastle, Loch Fyne, will be built on the Morvern Peninsula to transport timber by sea.) A public and private partnership

New Waratah harvester heads

Waratah Forestry Equipment announces the new H219 and H219X harvester heads Forestry Equipment has introduced two new models to its 200 Series line: the H219 and H219X harvester heads. Primarily built for late thinning or final felling, the

Logging tops USA’s most dangerous jobs list

But is still the lowest paid out of the top five Advisor Smith studied the most dangerous jobs in the United States based on data from the US Bureau of Labour Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries. Studying

New Waratah HTH6225B Series III Harvesting Head

Waratah Forestry Equipment has released the new HTH622B Series-III, the next generation of its HTH622B harvester head. The new model combines improved operational performance, proven durability, and new serviceability features for next-level productivity and uptime “The HTH622B has

Gender balance in the Nordic forest industry

Photo Of Synne Henriksen, harvester and forwarder operator from Norway The Nordic forest industry is in dire need of labour, while the proportion of female forest workers is minimal. Women are a large untapped resource in Nordic forestry, according

Young forests help the climate crisis by capturing carbon faster

There’s increasing recognition of how nature can help tackle the climate crisis. From protecting standing forests to planting new trees, forests offer significant climate mitigation benefits. Now, new research shows that letting forests regrow on their own could be a secret weapon to fighting climate change. Source: Nancy Harris,

Destructive Spruce Bark Beetle

The season for active spruce bark beetles has now come to an end. A preliminary assessment shows that the spruce bark beetle killed almost seven million cubic metres of forest in 2020. According to Mellanskog the extent in

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