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“As long as there are human beings on this planet, there will be a demand for wood, pulp, and other forest resources, and there will be businesses that endeavour to meet that demand. The only realistic way to conserve our forests is to apply sustainable forest management practices.” Rainforest Alliance

Forests fit for the future – government funding announced for new forest research

Healthy and resilient woodlands supported through new £16 million government funding UK research into climate and pest resilient woodlands is

Action to support Scotland’s rainforest

Action to support Scotland’s rainforest The Scottish Government has made £1 million of Forestry Grant Scheme funding available this year

Forestry leaders must collaborate to improve public perception about the sector

Forestry leaders must band together to change public attitudes to spruce trees and commercial forestry, conference delegates heard at the

National Tree Cover Expansion Survey Seeks Land Manager Views

National Tree Cover Expansion Survey Seeks Land Manager Views A national survey has been launched to understand the views of

Turning abandoned golf course into wildlife haven

First trees planted as charity tees up to turn abandoned golf course into wildlife haven School children are set to

Planting trees efficiently with the Unimog U 530 implement carrier

At home on rough and unpaved terrain but taking motorways in its stride: the Unimog U 530 demonstrates reliability and

Summit to focus minds on woodland creation process

Industry leaders from the forestry and land management sectors will meet in Perthshire next month to agree additional actions to

Cat® A Trip Down Memory Lane

Travel Down Memory Lane with a Special Cat® Customer Keith Barrett is director of equipment operations at PC Construction, responsible

Coronation Wood to be planted by Forestry England near Ludlow

Coronation Wood to be planted by Forestry England near Ludlow Forestry England will create a Coronation Wood at Bucknell in

Coronation Wood – Sleetbeck Wood – to be planted near Carlisle

The new woodland site, which is just over 13 miles from Carlisle, will be planted with a mix of broadleaf

Hawick farmer promotes tree planting at local event

Hamish MacDonald, who runs Southfield Farm in Hawick, is inviting other farmers to an event which is demonstrating the benefits

Future grant support for forestry consultation analysis published

The analysis from the recent consultation on the future of forestry grant support has revealed broad support for keeping the

Forestry England to create new woodland to expand Delamere Forest

Forestry England to create new woodland to expand Delamere Forest Forestry England is creating a new 40-hectare woodland which will

Forestry schemes approvals on the up

Scottish Forestry is pulling out all the stops to drive woodland creation rates up and has now exceeded last year’s

Riparian planting – Planting next to rivers and streams

Scottish Forestry is keen to see more riparian woodland, which is essentially planting trees along rivers and streams. Riparian planting
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