Michelin UPTIS

Michelin UPTIS, A technology that eliminates the risk of flats and rapid pressure loss and reduces environmental impact

VISION eliminates the need for air with a revolutionary structure capable of supporting the vehicle, while also delivering a safe, comfortable ride. Without air, flat tires and pressure loss are no longer an issue.

Today, this airless technology is embodied by Michelin’s Unique Puncture-proof Tire System (UPTIS) prototype, which is a combined airless tire and wheel assembly for passenger cars.

Presented to the world at the Movin’On June 2019 summit for sustainable mobility, UPTIS marks the first step on the road to making the VISION concept a technological reality.

A decisive technological breakthrough

Ushering in a new generation of airless solutions developed by Michelin, UPTIS represents a genuine technological breakthrough thanks to its unique structure and materials.

Combining an aluminum wheel and a flexible load-bearing structure made from glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), a product of Michelin’s expertise in high-tech materials, UPTIS delivers all the performance qualities associated with a Michelin tire.

Unlike existing airless solutions, which are only suitable for low-speed professional applications, UPTIS is perfectly suited to the needs of passenger cars.

A fundamental step toward more sustainable mobility, Michelin’s UPTIS prototype generates significant benefits for motorists, fleet owners and the environment

Greater peace of mind

Motorists no longer need to worry about the impact of road conditions on their tires, because UPTIS eliminates the risk of losing control of the vehicle or having to stop at the roadside with a flat.

The Michelin Uptis Prototype is tested on a Chevrolet Bolt EV Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at the General Motors Milford Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan. GM intends to develop this airless wheel assembly with Michelin and aims to introduce it on passenger vehicles as early as 2024. (Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors)

Increased productivity

UPTIS enhances efficiency for fleet owners by reducing the risks of vehicle downtime and eliminating tire-related maintenance needs (pressure checks and tire inflation).

A smaller environmental footprint

Airless technology will drastically reduce the number of tires that are scrapped because of punctures.

An ideal solution for the mobility of tomorrow

Designed for passenger vehicles (including electric vehicles), Michelin’s UPTIS prototype is perfectly suited to the new generation of clean, autonomous mobility solutions. UPTIS delivers a high level of comfort and safety and eliminates the burden associated with tire maintenance, making it a key asset for emerging collective mobility applications, such as autonomous shuttles and shared vehicle fleets.

Bringing the future closer

Michelin UPTIS will be brought to market in 2024, thanks to a partnership between Michelin and General Motors. As part of a joint research agreement, Michelin UPTIS has already been tested on vehicles like the Chevrolet Bolt EV, with testing now continuing on fleets operating in real-world conditions.

Putting innovation to the test

The UPTIS prototype will be fitted to a fleet of vehicles in Las Vegas, where it will be tested for two years through intensive use in real-world conditions. The fleet was chosen because it met the testing requirement of vehicles with high daily mileage, exposed to high-temperature driving conditions.
This development phase comes on top of the tests initiated several months ago in Greenville, South Carolina.

Fitting prototypes to vehicles for real-world testing is the final test round to which Michelin tires are regularly subjected. The data collected by engineers during this period will enable them to perfect the prototype in preparation for its market launch


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