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3rd August 2022
Various Harvesting Methods


Harvesting is a general term for cutting, processing, and extracting timber from stump to roadside ready for transporting to wood processing plants. Managed harvesting systems do not in any way resemble the devastation caused by illegal or unmanaged logging systems. Logging practices vary from large-scale commercial timber plantations to individuals harvesting fuelwood.

“As long as there are human beings on this planet, there will be a demand for wood, pulp, and other forest resources, and there will be businesses that endeavour to meet that demand. The only realistic way to conserve our forests is to apply sustainable forest management practices.” Rainforest Alliance

Waratah debuts efficient H424 harvester head

Waratah Forestry Equipment recently introduced the new H424, a highly manoeuvrable harvester head specially designed for mid-sized wheeled and tracked

Rottne Industri introduces new warranty

“It takes us to a leading position in the industry” Rottne Industri AB introduces new warranty terms for its newly

Ponsse H8, A head in the Highlands

Although the Ponsse H8 harvesting head is often seen on Ergo and Bear harvester bases, the head is fast becoming

First Ever Photos of the new Bijol skidder

 Exclusive preview for Forest Machine Magazine from Bijol The new model of skidder from Bijol is called the BWS 240

HAIX Launches Evolution of forestry boot

Evolution of trusted forestry boot, Protector Forest 2.0 Few work environments present such a variation of potential hazards as the

New Malwa 560 4.0 Best in class

A new machine generation in the Malwa 560-series is being launched, the 560.4. The most notable difference compared to previous

New Waratah harvester heads

Waratah Forestry Equipment announces the new H219 and H219X harvester heads Forestry Equipment has introduced two new models to its

New Waratah HTH6225B Series III Harvesting Head

Waratah Forestry Equipment has released the new HTH622B Series-III, the next generation of its HTH622B harvester head. The new model

Gender balance in the Nordic forest industry

Photo Of Synne Henriksen, harvester and forwarder operator from Norway The Nordic forest industry is in dire need of labour,

Komatsu Forest’s new S162E Eucalyptus head

Komatsu Forest has introduced a brand-new harvester head specially adapted for the harvesting of eucalyptus. The head is called Komatsu

KESLA launch harvesting head designed for tractor use

The all-new KESLA 14RH is the smallest harvester head in Kesla’s range. Despite its size, it makes use of the

Harvesting Eucalyptus.

The facts regarding growing Eucalyptus as a commercial crop Whenever I post photos of Eucalyptus timber being harvested on social

New John Deere H424 harvester head

The new H424 harvester head replaces the previous, best-selling H414. The H424 has a redesigned look. The changes based on


Opti 8 is the most modern computer on the market for forestry machines PONSSE Opti 8 is a high-tech touch-screen

Ponsse H8 A Head in the Highlands

Although the Ponsse H8 harvesting head is often seen on Ergo and Bear harvester bases, the head is fast becoming

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